Wednesday, 25 April 2012


so the other day i found out that my bra size had gone up once again, I'm now a 34E but a size 10 in clothes and I'm struggling to find clothes to fit me and my boobs. Bigger clothes just don't flatter my figure at all and hang off my boobs making me look bigger than i am, but then i have a problem with my size 10 clothes because my boobs are being squished or are coming out of my clothes which makes them look horrible.

I've found a few websites that sell custem made clothes for women with bigger clothes but i found them all to be quite expensive or that the clothes started at a bigger size.


I'm sure I cant be the only person with this problem and I am hopeing to find websites that sell clothes for women that have larger boobs. I'll post the websites on here and review what i have found. please feel free to send me websites that you would recomen

thanks for reading,

love kirsty xx


P.S this is my first blog so if you dont think its very good then sorry.